If you and your neighbour are head to head – here are a *few* simple tips to outsell or sell faster for more money :⁣

• curb appeal ~ clean front entrance , bright front door, landscaping or beautiful hanging plants ⁣

• fresh paint ~ neutral & professional paint jobs (including a fresh white ceiling) will make a big difference if you’re competing with a neighbour that has stale old paint ⁣

• declutter & simple stage ⁣~ keep corners of the home empty, keep the lighting bright & make sure space and unique qualities of the home are showcased.

•professional clean ~ this includes in cupboards and drawers ! Buyers need to be nosey so you bet they will be looking in those dark corners you forgot about . ⁣

• remove family photos ~ buyers want to imagine they are in their potential future home & not that they are making a family move ⁣

• first and last ~ make sure the entry and exit of this home is spacious, free and clear of junk and exceptionally welcoming. ⁣

• try your darndest to keep pets out of the home ~ many buyers have allergies to pets or are scared of animals . Barking dogs or stinky cat litter boxes can leave a bigger impression than your granite counter tops.⁣

• try not to cook any foods with strong smells ~ curries, bacon, steak, etc can linger far too long for some buyers.

I have more tips and tricks up my sleeve for successful and speedy home sales. Shoot me a text, give me a shout or send me an owl for more details 613.601.7607 // krystal@KrystalHess.com