Green with Envy.


🌴How do you feel about taking a leap from neutral colours and tones & throwing in some greens? ⁣

The last photo here has a wall known as "Hunter Green" - a rich 2019 colour for your home

🍏According to interior designer Becky Shea, hunter greens are a great choice for 2019. "Hunter green holds a sultry and worldly value to it, it's intrinsic in nature and all of life. It's timeless in every respect, and works beautifully with natural elements and neutrals.⁣

🥑This colour transitions seamlessly between millwork, walls, furniture and accessories. ⁣

🥝If you are feeling hesitant about adding a pop of colour to your home, feel free to reach out to your Realtor. Either they can help or they have an interior decorator that can help with the palettes.



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