🏠Are you considering making your first real estate purchase? If so, you’ve probably already started saving for your downpayment … or you have no idea where to begin.⁣

Here are a few tips to get your savings + quality of life up. 👉🏼Because I do believe it’s important to run your money and not let your money run you. ⁣

📌pay off or keep credit card balances low. You want the money in your pocket, not the interest in the banks pocket.⁣
📌find a way to live for less and save the difference. This could mean moving in with friends or family for a short period.⁣
📌do you need 2 vehicles or one fancy vehicle that depreciates in value? Downsize that car(S) + put the savings aside.⁣
📌pay yourself first. Always. Assume 10,20,25% of all of your cheques are put aside and not for spending. ⁣
📌 travel cheap. I know you want to get away but I promise you there are ways to travel for next to nothing. Feel free to reach out- I can provide suggestions. ⁣
📌 take on an extra small job if you have the time 📌try to avoid that daily $6 Starbucks. Home brewed coffee alone will save you $1500/ year ⁣
📌find fun in inexpensive activities like hiking, pot luck dinners with friends, etc. ⁣
📌participate in garage sales like the Great Glebe Garage Sale or bring your unused / unwanted items to consignment shops.

If you are looking to buy or sell, feel free to reach out.I have a FREE first time home buyer + home seller package I can email out. ⁣krystal@krystalhess.com + 613.601.7607
Happy Tuesday♥️🏠